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Self-service Car Parking Control System




Our Self-service Car Parking control system consists of locking units and an integrated control pay machine.

The 3 types of locking units we provide are Center lock type Flap which safe and high quality allows cars to enter/leave parking spaces smoothly, Flat&Lock which creates no bump, or no impediment, when lowered into ground, and Front-stopper which is installed at the front of each parking space to allow no car to leave without paying.

The integrated control pay machine, capable to control several parking spaces, excels in safety and realizes high-security system.


【Locking devices】

FLAT&LOCK AEZF-3  Flap unit AEFR-12  Front stopper AEFS-3


【Control devices】

Integrated control pay machine AEC-11(Locking device Type)  Pay-in-advance ticket machine AEC-11(No-lock Type)


Locking devices <FLAT&LOCK AEZF-3>

The next-generation locking unit, FLAT&LOCK AEZF series realizes flat parking spaces that enable drivers to park more easily. 




①This FLAT&LOCK is suitable for parking lots of universal-design because it has no level difference and big covers.

②The risks of damaging car parts by thrusting locking devices are reduced because the lifting power of locking unit can be arbitrary adjusted.

③Lowered locking device is designed to become flat to the ground so that drivers and other users’ feet do not get caught in the device.

The Device Locking System, the function to prevent the lifted device from being pushed down manually, prevents cars from leaving without paying fee.   

⑤Emergency Unlock Function allows parking lots owners and servicemen to lower the locking device in case of troubles such as blackout.


Installation examples of FLAT&LOCK.

IMG_1910-2.jpg IMG_1876.JPG



Locking devices <Flap unit AEFR-12>

The unit to fit all kinds of spaces.



AEFR-12 (Raised)







①The unsymmetrical shape of the flap board lessens your worries about damaging parts underneath a car by a flap.

②The height of the flap board is shorter than that of the previous model. The cases that flap boards get stuck with parts underneath a car are largely decreased. 

③The transition wiring method which uses a communication cable reduces the cost for construction.


Installation examples of Flap units.




Locking devices <Front stopper AEFS-3>

Front stoppers enable effective use of your land when the land has a street in front and parking spaces are aligned in a row. 



Front stopper (Raised)



Front stopper (Lowered)



①Lowered front stoppers are housed in ground flatly creating no bump, or no impediment.

②Feet protection function enhances safety. 

③Front-stoppers allow no car to leave without paying and can increase income.


Installation examples of Front stoppers

park_img06.jpg park_img07.jpg



Control devices<Integrated control pay machine AEC-11>

park_img14.jpg      park_img15.jpg

AEC-11(Oblique)         AEC-11(Front)



①Just by installing software of either type, AEC-11 can control a locking device type or a pay-in-advance type parking lot.

②Light weighted and space-saving design

③Resistant to thunder, static electricity, and other exogenous noises.

④The AEC-11’s maintenance mode enables you quick setting change and money counting without restarting the system.


Installation example in a locking device type parking lot





①Simple installation construction; there are only 2 wires, a power wire and a communication wire, to connect to flap units.

②At most 30 parking spaces are controllable.

③Flexible parking fee setting; you can set 3 special rates (Time-of-day discount, Entry-time discount, On-the-day-limited discount) in addition to usual rate. 



Control devices<Pay-in-advance ticket machine AEC-11>


①AEC-11 pay machine provides an advance payment method by issuing tickets at unmanned parking lots without locking devices.

②Different parking charges can be set for day-time/night-time and weekdays/holidays.

③The AEC-11 pay machine can store up to 99 charge types by time. It provides your customers another payment method that they can select a type and pay in advance according to the time they park.


Installation examples in pay-in-advance type parking lots





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