2. Bollard, Car/Bicycle Parking lots, and Devices
  3. Support services

Support services for self-service car/bicycle parking control system after delivery

Support services for bollards and related instruments after delivery



Support services for self-service car/bicycle parking control system after delivery


Aida Engineering Co., ltd. offers various support services for you to run your parking lots with no difficulty.


Entrustment/acceptance of the parking lot management   Park’n Park customer centerMaintenance services  Parking lot construction  Merits of agreement


Entrustment/acceptance of the parking lot management

Park’n Park can be your agency to help parking lot management.



  1. Operational control services – Sales and payment control operations, Consumable replenishment
  2. Customer center – Quick response to machine failures, round-the-clock emergency reporting service to a security center
  3. Management support – Survey analysis, system planning, facility management, management improvement
  4. Maintenance – Regular checkups, urgent repair

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Call Park’n Park customer center. The center quickly arranges a serviceman to your site.

The line is open 24/7 to assist customers in person kindly and respectfully.  

On receiving a call, the center requests our service contractor to take action and hurry to your site to solve your problems.

When repairs and maintenance services are necessary, our serviceman will respond.

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Maintenance services

Signing maintenance agreement can assure you trouble-free operations.


Parking lot construction

Parking lot construction includes civil work, line striping, installation, electric work, tent set-up, sign installation and other related construction work.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding parking lot construction from minor repair to new facility construction.



  • Tent, sign, guide signs
  • Line striping, pavement sticker sheet
  • Car stoppers
  • Lights and security lights


Merits and supplementary notes for the support service agreements stated above


We assure you the stable system operation with less failure rate.

Large improvement in failure rate will be realized by maintenance and parts replacement based on the operating state of the system. 


Supplementary notes

  • Cost
     They are fare-paying services. We submit a quotation for the services you choose.
  • Periods
    Supporting services are usually annually renewed.
  • Without a separate support service agreement
    Without an agreement, our obligation is limited to only a year of manufacturer's warranty for our products. 




Support services for bollards and related instruments after delivery


1. Depending on the individual operational states, we recommend you the most appropriate

  set of check-ups at appropriate intervals.


List of Check-ups

Main unit check Spring check Hydraulic unit check
Casing check Installation check Guide rollers and bushes wear check
Battery cabinet check Control panel check Main-operating panel check
Sub-operating panel check Remote controller check Voltage measurement
measurement of electrical current value General operation check Battery CCA test


2. Response on emergency

  As a domestic manufacturer, we respond to emergencies quickly.







Are quotes free?


All consultations and quotes are free. Please feel free to ask.



How much does it cost to have a layout?


We draw you a layout for free. Our sales person will visit you to explain.



What kind of systems do you have?


We have mainly 3 types of self-service parking systems: Lock-type system, Lockless-type system, and Gate-type system.


【Lock-type self-service parking system】

 The 3 types of locking units we provide are Center lock type Flap, Front lock type Flap, and Flat&Lock.

We propose you the best device and plan for your effective management and operation by assessing the locational conditions (land area, shape, and etc.) and popularity of your sites.


【Lockless-type self-service parking system】

This is a pay-in-advance type self-service parking system without locking devices.

Because installation of locking devices and vehicle sensors is unnecessary, initial costs to start lockless-type parking lots can be reduced to 1/3 comparing to the costs for lock-type parking lots. Moreover, you can start your parking lot even without paving the site.


【Gate-type self-service car parking control system】

A Gate-type self-service parking lot has a ticket machine(s) at the entrance and automated pay machine(s) at the exit. This system can be applicable to variety of parking facilities from single level parking lots to multi-level parking lots.


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How do you respond when devices fail.


Our devices are all developed and manufactured in-house. Our skilled technical staff with full of knowledge of our own products will be your serviceman for checks and maintenance.



How are the locking units and the pay machine(s) connected?


Depending on the pay machine, we adopt either the single (contactor) wiring method, which directly connects a pay machine and locking units, or the transition wiring method which uses a communication cable.



How long does it take for the construction to be completed?


You will be able to open your parking lot about a week after starting the construction although it may take longer depending on the number of parking spaces.



How many locking units can be connected to one pay machine?


It depends on the type of pay machine. AEC-11 model pay machine can communicate as many as 20 locking units.


Integrated control pay machine.




How do I use “Pay-in-advance ticket machine” to pay for parking?


1) First, park your car in a vacant parking space.

2) Go to the ticket machine to select hours/days. Push your choice of hours/days button and the fee will be displayed.

3) Insert coins/bills of the required amount and a parking ticket will be issued.

4) Display your parking ticket on the dashboard in your car so that it can be seen from outside.

5) You can leave anytime within the hours/days you paid.










Business & Products

The No-toolchange Cold Roll Forming Machine BURS21
BURS21 is developed as a part of our corporate brand strategy, “Beauty follows Functions”. The beautiful design of BURS21 creates totally new working environment for old-fashioned roll forming plants. We believe this machine triggers innovations in production sites in Japan.
The next-generation tube mill, the Fine Tube Mill Line, is our solution to the shortage of experienced operators. FTL, designed not to rely on the skills of individual operators, allows any operators to perform high precision processing with low cost.
Forming rolls
Our forming roll division completes all processes from designing, heat treatment, and machining, to test runs of forming rolls, having one of the best total in-house production systems in the industry.
Forming Machines, Tube Mill Machines, Special-Purpose Machines
We do not just make machines but design, produce, run trial tests, and provide services after delivery. By joining your planning process, we meet your request totally. We have unique skills that other company can't compete with.
Bollard, Car/Bicycle Parking lots, and Devices
We provide you with self-service car parking control systems that are more eco-friendly, more human-friendly, easier, and safer and bollards with enhanced quality and safety.
Heat treatment & Dies
Our skills and knowledge accumulated for years enable us to manufacture the wide range of products from dies to cutters of shredder, crusher, and etc. These dies are crystallization of our relentless efforts.
Park’n park
An affiliate company, Park’n park, aspires to contribute to the local communities with our 24-h self-service car/bicycle parking lots.

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