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From designing to Delivery




Incomparable 6 strong points


Tireless pursuit oflonger-life and higher-quality forming rolls

For more customers’ satisfaction, we introduced a sub-zero furnace.

Cryogenic treatment in the furnace suppresses the aging deterioration, equalizes the hardness, and enhances the abrasion resistance of rolls. 

It can elicit the highest performance of metals.

Taking advantage of the hardening skills including cryogenic treatment skills, metallurgic knowledge, and high-precision processing technology, we provide you with the best dies and cutters for your use.


Strong point 1. Designing   Strong point 2. Raw materials & surface treatment  Strong point 3. Machining Strong point 4. Heat treatment  Strong point 5. Quality       Strong point 6. Delivery





Strong point 1. Designing Increased efficiency with self-developed CAD


In Our company, roll designers are in charge of try-outs. 

Our designersplace emphasis on on-site real production. 

We increased the efficiency of designing work by using our self-developed CAD.








The design data is transmitted to a computer as the NC lathing data by the CAD & CAM. 

With the data, the rolls are machined as the design specifies.









We check the load status in advance using finite-element analysis software as well as the know-hows leant from rich experiences. 

We can suggest efficient forming method which does not put too much stress on coil strips and rolls.












Strong point 2. Raw materials & surface treatment We seek for more toughness and hardness (wear-resistance)

Generally, JIS SKD11 is used for forming rolls but wide range of steels such as SK-steels, SKD61, AMPCO, and OM alloys can be used considering the product profile, the product material, the production amount, the wear resistance, and other requirements.


We can procure any materials from all tool steel makers including Hitachi Metals, Ltd, Daido Steel Co., Ltd., Sanyo Special Steel Co., Ltd., Nippon Koshuha Steel Co,. Ltd., Osaka Alloying Works Co., Ltd., Fuji Die Co., Ltd, and KYOCERA Corporation. 


We can also procure specially-developed steel materials for forming rolls. 

(e.g. DC53, SLD, QCM8, Super-steel, ceramic, SKH (High speed tool steel powder), and etc.) 


We select the best material for you depending on the usage and application.

The tool surfaces can be beautifully finished by the treatment to protect tools from scratching. 

We choose the best method depending on the use and the purpose from TIC coating,TD coating, plasma nitriding (ion nitriding), nitrosulphurizing, Teflok chrome plating, non-slip thermal spraying coating chrome plating, and other coating methods.


We always pursue new materials through R & Ds as we place great emphasis on toughness and hardness (wear-resistance), the important properties of forming rolls. 

We confidently provide you with theimcomparable forming rolls. 





 OM alloys



Strong point 3.Machining We are capable of manufacturing precision large-sized forming rolls.


In March 2012, The construction of the R & D and production building for forming rolls is completed.
Introduction of latest equipment enabled us to manufacture more accurate and larger forming rolls.






flow_img09.jpg flow_img10.jpg flow_img11.jpg


All machining processes are controlled numerically. 

The data is transmitted from designers to the factory via LAN connection. 

The modern equipment and the transmitted data shapes calibers in the exact sizes as the data specify. 


flow_img12.jpg flow_img13.jpg



Strong point 4. Heat treatment Quality assurance by upgraded hardness and wear resistance

Quenching and tempering is carried out using our own furnaces in the optimum conditions set by the know-hows gathered in our 40 years of experiences.

The temperature and the time are what we control most carefully. 

When each different material is treated in the best setting, the hardness and wear-resistance increase.

We assure of the heat-treatment quality.

We are working on heat-treatment firmly believing that it is vital to forming rolls. 


Click here for details on heat-treatment on our furnaces



System Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace with Pressure Gas Quenching & Convective Heating

Furnace chamber size: H 900mm x W900mm x D1200mm

⇒Regardless of the diameter sizes and shapes, rolls can be treated in large volume. (1500kg at a time.)


The level of nitrogen pressure can be selected from 1 to 6 bar. 

High cooling power

The system (Cooling tower and cooling plant) to control the cooling water temperature is introduced. 

⇒This furnace features its high temperature controlling ability which is most important for heat treatment. That stabilizes the treatment quality year round. 


We use original quenching fixtures depending on the product shape. 

As one of our ISO standards, we standarlized workpiece placement to keep appropriate spaces. 

⇒The fixtures and the standard reduced distortions and stabilized treatment quality. Irregularity is lessened. 

Reducedvariation insize and shape minimized the allowance for finishing, which resulted in work time reduction for finishing process.  


Sub-zero, or cryogenic, treatment is applicable.

We can get good results when quenched steels are cooled with the temperature of nitrogen gas controlled by the sub-zero furnace.


Effect 1.The treatment slows the product deterioration and equalizes the hardness at the temperature of approximately -80℃

Effect 2.The sub-zero treatment below -130℃ enhances the abrasion resistance property.


flow_img14.jpg flow_img15.jpg

flow_img16.jpg flow_img17.jpg



Strong point 5. Quality We are capable of 3D measurement and contracer measurement.

Quality control performed for all of our products is based on the ISO certification we obtained.

Thus, we perform 100% inspection on our rolls, too. Under this control system, we have full confidence in the quality of our rolls.

Also, we have built a reliable system against unexpected defectives with well-controlled calibration of measuring instruments.

3D measurement and contracer measurement can be performed to inspect calibers if necessary.


flow_img18.jpg flow_img19.jpg



Strong point 6. Delivery Our own furnaces, in operation 24 hours a day

Our in-house start-to-finish production system from designing toheat treatment, machining, andtry-out gives us absolute confidenceinkeeping delivery date. 
Our heat treatment furnaces are in operation 24 hours a day and machining during night hours can be arranged.
Delivery is usually within 3 or 4 days for regrinding and about 20 days for new rolls, although we deliver in shorter time in urgent cases such as damaged rolls repair.



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