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About support services


To respond to customers’ inquiries promptly, we have built an efficient customer management system and database. Using these, we provide finer services to each customer.

To introduce more information, our sales representatives visit you regularly nationwide.


Flow for customer service



Nationwide regular visits by sales representatives for your area

Our sales representatives for your area visit you regularly to interview on your requests/inquiries and to introduce you more information. We always keep close relationship with customers to be a help whenever needed.








What is the biggest size of rolls you provide?


Rolls of up to 8 inches for pipes.

For Shaped steel bars and sheets, up to OD 650 and W450.



If I want new rolls of standard sizes, smaller than φ80, how long will it take? What hardening methods do you use? How much are they? What surface treatment do you apply?


If we design the rolls, tryout begins after the completion of all rolls within 30 daysof the receipt of an order.

Hardening methods we take are:Vacuum quenching, tempering, sub-zero treatment, andbright annealing.

Cost differs depending on profiles. We quote on a case-by-case basis.

Several kinds of surface treatment are applicable on your request. Let us propose you the best method for the material to coat. Options for treatment include: TD, TI, CCRR, PVD, nitriding, tufftride, and parkerizing.



How many lines have you manufactured?


Some 500 lines for pipes and shaped steel bars together. We deliver our lines anywhere in Japan or to overseas.



What are the advantages and disadvantages of roll forming machines?



Quick manufacturing,quality consistency,and low cost due to the continuous production.

You can change cutting lengths as you want.

You can have a hole-punching module in your line.



It requires more space. (Length direction )



What kinds of advantages can we have by switching from a press machine to a roll forming machine?


1. You will be capable of mass production.

2. Long products, longer than press brakes can make, can be manufactured.

3. More safety can be assured.

4. You can cut costs.



How accurately can the machine manufacture products?


Cutting length: ±0.5mm (covered by warranty) in the cases that the tubes are shorter than 3000mm.

Cross sectional profile: Normally within ±0.5mm

However, these are subject to change depending on the usage of products. Please consult separately.



What is the common production speed?


It depends on the modules added.

Normally, pipe mills are at 100m/min approximately. 

※The speed differs by welders and materials, however. 



What kinds of materials can be shaped by roll forming machines?


Iron steels including the ones of HT 100kgs, stainless steels, aluminums, coppers, titanium, and others can be processed.



What is the price of a roll forming machine?


The machine itself costs about JPY3 million or more.It depends on the modules you have, the production capacities, the accuracies, the product usages, and other conditions.



Business & Products

The No-toolchange Cold Roll Forming Machine BURS21
BURS21 is developed as a part of our corporate brand strategy, “Beauty follows Functions”. The beautiful design of BURS21 creates totally new working environment for old-fashioned roll forming plants. We believe this machine triggers innovations in production sites in Japan.
The next-generation tube mill, the Fine Tube Mill Line, is our solution to the shortage of experienced operators. FTL, designed not to rely on the skills of individual operators, allows any operators to perform high precision processing with low cost.
Forming rolls
Our forming roll division completes all processes from designing, heat treatment, and machining, to test runs of forming rolls, having one of the best total in-house production systems in the industry.
Forming Machines, Tube Mill Machines, Special-Purpose Machines
We do not just make machines but design, produce, run trial tests, and provide services after delivery. By joining your planning process, we meet your request totally. We have unique skills that other company can't compete with.
Bollard, Car/Bicycle Parking lots, and Devices
We provide you with self-service car parking control systems that are more eco-friendly, more human-friendly, easier, and safer and bollards with enhanced quality and safety.
Heat treatment & Dies
Our skills and knowledge accumulated for years enable us to manufacture the wide range of products from dies to cutters of shredder, crusher, and etc. These dies are crystallization of our relentless efforts.
Park’n park
An affiliate company, Park’n park, aspires to contribute to the local communities with our 24-h self-service car/bicycle parking lots.

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