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Fine Tube Mill Line (FTL)








Electric control roll stands and 4-way roll stands


Electric control roll stands and 4-way roll stands are composed of high-precision unites. Roll adjustment is numerically controlled by servo-motors. This enabled easier restoration to the former state when tools are changed.

The 4-way rolls that can rotate up to 45 degree for both sides can straighten distortion that cannot be corrected by the sizing unit alone.



Online 3-dimentional profile detection system


Online 3-dimentional profile detection system measures cross-sectional shapes of pipes by image processing system using 4 CCD cameras and slit laser beams.

The correction values figured out from the measurement are fed back to the sizing unit or to the 4-way roll unit for straightening.

This system reduces the labor and loss time for sample measurement and roll adjustment.




  • While the tolerances of existing mill of welding pipes are ±0.05mm for OD and 0.05mm for circularity, the tolerances of FTL are ±0. 015mm and 0.02mm respectively, realizing the accuracy of 3 times.
  • With “NC automatic straitening system” and “Online 3-dimentional profile detection system”, the machines that can be operated only by skilled workers changed into innovative mills that allow any operators, regardless of the experience, gender, or age, to perform high precision processing.
  • Large energy saving and CO2 reduction by electrical appliance, car, and other industries can be expected by realizing low-cost high precision tube production. 

    FTL is a machine of the next generation to contribute to the world future.



Business & Products

The No-toolchange Cold Roll Forming Machine BURS21
BURS21 is developed as a part of our corporate brand strategy, “Beauty follows Functions”. The beautiful design of BURS21 creates totally new working environment for old-fashioned roll forming plants. We believe this machine triggers innovations in production sites in Japan.
The next-generation tube mill, the Fine Tube Mill Line, is our solution to the shortage of experienced operators. FTL, designed not to rely on the skills of individual operators, allows any operators to perform high precision processing with low cost.
Forming rolls
Our forming roll division completes all processes from designing, heat treatment, and machining, to test runs of forming rolls, having one of the best total in-house production systems in the industry.
Forming Machines, Tube Mill Machines, Special-Purpose Machines
We do not just make machines but design, produce, run trial tests, and provide services after delivery. By joining your planning process, we meet your request totally. We have unique skills that other company can't compete with.
Bollard, Car/Bicycle Parking lots, and Devices
We provide you with self-service car parking control systems that are more eco-friendly, more human-friendly, easier, and safer and bollards with enhanced quality and safety.
Heat treatment & Dies
Our skills and knowledge accumulated for years enable us to manufacture the wide range of products from dies to cutters of shredder, crusher, and etc. These dies are crystallization of our relentless efforts.
Park’n park
An affiliate company, Park’n park, aspires to contribute to the local communities with our 24-h self-service car/bicycle parking lots.

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