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Newly introduced Locking Unit, FLAT&LOCK AEZF series




The parking space ground with our old model of locking device has not been flat because of its locking flap board and big cover, which has been some annoyance for drivers when cars go in and out of the spaces. Moreover, these devices caused the parking spaces to be smaller.


However, our newly introducing FLAT&LOCK AEZF series has no locking flap board and big cover, which enabled the parking spaces to be bigger. This new FLAT&LOCK AEZF provides drivers with easier and safer parking.


As this device is universally designed, we have received positive feedbacks such as “very helpful for wheelchair users or users wearing high heels”. Openings of unmanned parking lots with AEZF series are now increasing.




Applicable car type

Standard passenger car and Mini-sized passenger car

Car total length: less than 5m, Total width: less than 2m, Total weight; less than 2t

Lifting time Ave.6.0 sec. Max. less than 8.0 sec.
Lowering time Ave. 7.0 sec. Max. less than 90 sec.
Lifting power Initial power 40N (4kgf)
Lowering power

App. 200N (20kgf)



1. This FLAT&LOCK is suitable for parking lots of universal-design because it has no level difference and big covers.

2. The risks of damaging car parts by thrusting locking devices are reduced because the lifting power of locking unit can be arbitrary adjusted.

3. Lowered locking device is designed to become flat to the ground so that drivers and other users’ feet do not get caught in the device.

4. The Device Locking System, the function to prevent the lifted device from being pushed down manually, prevents cars from leaving without paying fee.

5. Emergency Unlock Function allows parking lots owners and servicemen to lower the locking device in case of troubles such as blackout.





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- What is P-ETA?

“P-ETA” (Parking becomes Easier with the Technology of Aida-engineering) is a system to design user-friendly parking lots. (Also, P-ETA comes from “Petanko” , a Japanese word for “flat”.)


- Features of “P-ETA”

・Parking spaces are designed according to the level of difficulty to park. (wider parking spaces  or more distance between parking spaces)

・Flat and safe parking lots

・Parking lots of simple design have no extra accessories but only the devices for parking.

・User-friendly layout plan based on previous data.









Business & Products

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The next-generation tube mill, the Fine Tube Mill Line, is our solution to the shortage of experienced operators. FTL, designed not to rely on the skills of individual operators, allows any operators to perform high precision processing with low cost.
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